Postal Costs

The additional costs used are the royal mail costs.   For overseas customers we require the additional postage - rounded down to the nearest 1.00.  

To calculate or check the additional postage costs:

  • The book weighs 1.6kg


  • On the right under top links select Postal Prices

  • Select this icon on the Royal mail page 

  • Select Overseas and input the weight of 1.6kg (or multiply per book)

  • Select your country from the drop down list

  • A list of postal options will then be displayed and we will usually use the AIR MAIL SMALL PACKETS PRICE

  • If you wish to use another delivery price then please contact us

  • We will then deduct the automated 5.00 per book fee from the additional cost and advise you how much to enter in the additional OVERSEAS POSTAGE field.

  • Please do not enter a self calculated amount without contacting us as this may lead to problems.

  • Thank you!

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*We reserve the right to make changes to these charges but will do our best to keep them to the minimum.